Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Readers' dogs

I am all about the audience psrticipation.

Are you a dog?
Think you are cute?
Would you like to feature on this blog?

Then simply upload your photo to the Shop Dog Flickr group, and your face might feature here. This will be an on-going thing. Please note this offer is not open to cats.

To upload your photo you must first
1. Take the picture, be inspired by my photos above.
3. If not already a member then join Flickr
8. Join our Shop Dog group
56. Add your photo to our group - it's a whole lot easier than Miss P. made out.

I will check the group and select some to feature here, you might want to add some details, your name, breed, favourite food....but don't build up your part. This is all about me.

Happy snapping


  1. Hound, I love you! Can't wait to see the dogs you select, I'm visiting two westies this weekend so perhaps they will be happy to participate....William will definitely get involved, Molly can be above such things....

  2. Hound,

    I'm going to get a picture of Jodie Harsh not the drag queen but the dog. She is a whippet and looks a little like Kate Moss. Then I know Jolie Jet she's a black pug and wears bat wings for special occasions, she has just celebrated her 1st Birthday. Then there is Dolly she's a groupie and loves going to glasto and on tour with coldplay.

    Happy Easter