Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making mischief

When at work i keep my bits and bobs in a VINTAGE wicker basket.

Customers lap up all that twee.

Underneath all the toys, books and healthy snacks

lurks a bottle of JD and a pack of Marlboro Red.

sometimes i also hide the sharp flower scissors in there

and all the pens.


  1. That's where they went! I love you your houndness.

  2. I like your style hound =O)

  3. Have you got the order book in there too Hound? xxx

  4. Hound, do pop over both you and your human have an award- can't wait to see your reply hound- J and Cairo x

  5. dearest hound...
    you are a very blessed boy indeed to have such lovely food nestled inside a vintage basket no less..
    the hounds here have the same food (leaving the fishy version firmly on the shop shelf), but have to settle with it being stored in an old cupboard that badly needs painting ....
    they do however eat off floral vintage china plates ...
    t x