Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing.....The Enemy

She resides with The Mother Hen and The Captain.

She has a face only a mother could love.

You're thinking "Is that the smallest cat in the world?"

I'm thinking "Baked or fried?"

One day.


  1. Cairo said... Hound! That is awful!! Don't talk like that!
    Surely in this nice weather she would be better barbequed with a little tarragon... maybe a some wilted rainbow chard on the side and a baked potato?

  2. The enemy - how could you?
    I have ushered my two away from the screen.

  3. What a deliciously culinary mind you have my evil friend.

  4. Hound, as she is so small she wouldn't even make an amusee bouche pour tu! xxx

  5. hound.
    cricket whippet is very impressed by your angry scowl..
    so very focused on the enemy..
    he says he is there for back-up if need be..
    a right-hand hound...
    a robin to your batman....
    cape and pants at the ready