Friday, July 2, 2010

Adding insult to injury

I am injured.

A sporting injury to the left front paw. Sustained in the pursuit of cats.

I returned to work this morning to find my bed has been given a "summery retro feel"

Not impressed.


  1. Dear Hound, I am sorry that you have injured your front paw, I am happy to lend a paw to see them off whilst you are resting.

    You are very lucky to only have the summery look to your bed, mine has been pink from day one which led to a small amount of confusion till i came home from the vets one day with something missing! Watson dog x

  2. Dear Hound, We are very sorry to hear of your injury. That is very kind of Watson, above, to lend a paw while you are mending as it would be difficult for us to help from across the pond. We have sustained similar injuries but with wildlife chases. Maggie had quite a serious one with a torn liament in her knee from a leap off of the front porch to rid the area of an annoying Blue Herron.

    I (Jack) also made a visit to the vet, like Watson above, and came back with something missing...I don't like the vets.

    Rest up now and check back soon to let us know how you are doing.

    Maggie and Jack

  3. I knew it...
    The only time Finn is ever regretful is when he has hurt himself.
    Are you sure cats are even tasty?

  4. Oh the poor puppy.

    Join us at the beach next week?

    Fresh air and sunshine and seagulls will have you feeling fit in no time.