Sunday, August 29, 2010

While you were sleeping

My slumber is often disturbed by somebody with a camera.

I exact my revenge

by howling to be let out

at 3.56 am

on a Sunday.


  1. Dear Hound, why is it that our human mummy's and daddy's always disturb us with that click when we are snoozing. It must be our gorgeous cuteness that we all possess. Watson x P.S I have to admit i do play up to the attention..but don't tell them!

  2. What a loveable face. I am in love with
    it. Looks almost like my dog sleeping.
    The 3 AM is our routine too.


  3. You are just soooo gorgeous, & look just like my friend's saluki-whippet cross, Sophie, who sadly passed away just recently. What a beautiful face.