Friday, October 15, 2010

This is a man's world

not that you would know it here.

This morning I was forced to walk alongside her new shopping trolley. Humiliation.

I am a man, a hot bloodied male. Baskets won't do. I want chrome, leather, steel, glass.

What's that you say? Had the chop? 4 years ago? Right.

As you were.


  1. Poor hot bloodied male. Be grateful it's wicker, and not floral vinyl.....

  2. Talking of floral vinyl I was just about to tell you that you definitely should be grateful it is wicker, my mum has a bright pink, floral trolley like old people take shopping. Luckily i haven't been out with said trolley, but i shake with fear that one day she will put my coat on and sit me in it and wheel me to the shops. As long as they don't keep calling me a girl (yes chop just over 2 years ago-can't they see I am a boy though!) I might just cope with the experience. Watson xx

  3. Poor, poor Hound, what an imposition and such a slight on your street cred, hopefully the market traders understood your plight and acknowledged your appearance with extra tasty morsels. Anybody would have thought you are a Mummy's boy xxx