Thursday, December 16, 2010


Surrounded by spiky holly, made to share my bed with boxes of oasis, no strolls around town, a distinct lack of cocktail sausages from M&S.

An integral part of the brand, probably the only reason she got into You magazine in the first place, and this is how i am rewarded?


  1. Hound, you're preaching to the choir here. I only go to the shop on Saturdays so I'm home alone with only a psycho cat to keep me company.

    It gets dark so early, they keep trying to hide the cat food from me, (as if) and the mailman tries to break in every day.

    I hate Christmas.

    Yours in misery, The Lab

  2. Come to my place; a wood burner going all day, food and tummy rubs aplenty. No chance of being neglected here. Mabel x

  3. My fur mummy is no better, tried so hard to attract her attention, I tore up her latest read, emptied and trashed the log basket and demolished a cushion! harummph, what is it with this time of year, I am only 5 months old, surely its all about me, have I got to expect this every year. Sam the Legend, your protege is with you all the way mate, bah humbug! Love Salad Vegetable

  4. My peace has been shattered, daddy ill, granny ill, a huge christmas tree in the house with needles everywhere I place my paws, lights in the window keeping me awake and blocking my view of the outside world and the CAT! Oh and silly christmas outfits, and i don't even like turkey! Grrrrrr. Watson x

  5. Presumably the taking of the Serrano Ham was your form of retribution then. Will she never learn that you will always show your disapproval in many imaginative ways? xxx