Thursday, March 17, 2011


The News of the World got hold of the video tapes.

Media whore Miss P. did a deal.

The tapes would be destroyed, in exchange for a few coy "at home" shots.

I feel used.


  1. Price of fame Hound, price of fame, how you suffer for your art xxx

  2. Oh dear. Come and live with me in a two bed city pad. You can have your own room (wedding magazines excepted) and no one will ever guess.

    I can't believe she did that to you. I would have at least sold them to the guardian. What type of dog does Miss P think you are?

  3. Oh, Hound, you are so handsome! I am a new follower. I live in Kentucky with sheep and Great Pyrenees. I've been to many other parts of England, but may have to come to your town just to buy flowers and bring you a biscuit.

  4. Dear Hound

    I was sold to the local BBC news frolicking in the snow, preserved on DVD forever. Our owners have gone to the dogs if you ask me.

    Watson xx