Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Young at heart

I am mainly photographed lying about, but i can be a bit boisterous.

In particular with other dogs. Small yappie dogs owned by ladies with the Harrods hair do.

Occasionally on encountering such a dog, i play bow and growl really loudly.

She always apologises profusely, and tells them i am just a puppy, and still in training.

Then they ask how old i am, we got away with 9 months old the other day.

God bless botox.


  1. Living the dream Hound, living the dream xxx

  2. Hey long time no see boy wonder! 9 months old eh? Looking good. I on the otherhand have the opposite problem from you. Most perturbing as I am 9 months old but most people think I am at least 5!

    You old Radders,

    ps when are the 2 blondes getting us together again for some pond inspection I wonder?