Sunday, May 8, 2011

Attitude problems

A couple from Northumberland came to buy flowers see me.

I didn't get up and do my usual routine of stretching, tail wagging and pouncing on leaves.

She is worried about my bad attitude and has said we need to go on a team building weekend.

Trust games, canoeing and a lot of thinking outside of the box, and chanting of  "Modern flowers, Vintage passion"



  1. I thought the title was altitude problems. This did not bode for for an autumn visit from the hound.

    Bad attitude? bring it on!


  2. I could not have started my day with a better blog post. Dog? check. Dog talking as human? check. Dog talking as hilarious human? What more could you want?

  3. Whilst on our hols our friends visited for supper. Bea whipped behind our bungalow, returning with a dead infested rat and proceeded to eat it, crunching with lip smacking scooby do relish. 'She' might consider you could do worse.

  4. Sam was only conserving his energy pending an imminent trip to see the Salad Vegetable. Sam rightly pre-empted that all energy will be required.

    Lovely to see you both yesterday, very xxx