Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the dog house


I've given up chasing cats, too much like hard work.

Next door has a pheasant.  Pheasants can fly over the fence.

Which means i have to fly over the fence too.......

An appeal was put out on local radio to see if anybody had seen me, the dog warden came out immediately to help in the search.

I was 300 yards away, looking down a rabbit hole. I'm the size of a horse, it shouldn't take that many people to find me.

It does take that many people to catch me.

Well done Izzy.


  1. Gawd, groan.
    Although it always lovely to see that face.

  2. Well done indeed Izzy.
    Hound why is it just when we think you have settled down you surprise us again?

    Familiarity breeds contempt?

    She is too busy to be chasing you at the moment or was it all a ruse to spread your fame throughout yet more of the media?

    We do love you but your timing is lousy xxx

  3. mmmmm... pheasant pate... maybe next time Hound?

  4. Definitely seeking media attention, these Lurchers just cant help themselves! xxx

  5. Dear Hound,

    I am a dashing young Jack Russell with a penchant for jumping out of first floor windows. I agree - it doesn't take much to cause a stir. Don't they understand, it's all just.. fun!

    Yours, Alfie