Thursday, June 21, 2012

The light

Evening walks in the sunshine.

She goes on about the "light"

I'm not allowed off the lead, so she spends ages setting up a shot so you can't see it, because she can't do photoshop.

I move just as she presses the shutter

such fun.

sheep don't move.



  1. Wonderful to read about your latest "badness". You are an inspiration to a certain NZ labrador who (as Manager of Wellbeing in an IT company) also has the daily challenge of ensuring that all "my geeks" eat their lunches and allow me to dispose of their leftovers.

  2. yay I can finally comment again on Shop Dog! Great photos and is The Hound off the lead? xxx

  3. Hound you are always so compliant when in the "Compound", almost like a regular dog, why then can you not transpose this behaviour? xxxx
    PS We love you anyway

  4. The hound and sheep, I wasn't expecting that... x