Monday, April 12, 2010

Contrary to what you may have heard

I am very helpful in the garden.
Inspecting the borders for weeds.
Inspecting the lawn for cat damage.
Looking devilishly handsome.
Looking out for cats.


  1. It's amazing how few people understand just how busy we are and that we are working all the time! ox Souk

  2. Just as I suspected. I don't know if you read Miss Pickering's blog, but she has said some rather slanderous things about you and said garden. Get a lawyer.

  3. Hound how helpful you are, I understand that you also helped finding my feline black and white yesterday evening. Thank you for not eating her! xxx

  4. Dear hound

    I liked your garden blog, mummy and daddy always think i am not being useful in the garden especially when i come in with mud on my paws, different matter when i go to scare cat from the garden...good boy i hear them cry. Grand-daddy always calls me his little helper when i help him weed. I have two new friends in the garden water-shrew who lives in a hole behind the shed, and hedgehog. My woofing at said hedgehog is only me trying to introduce myself and make him feel welcome, however i am scooped up and taken indoors for fear i might play with never! Watson x