Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Readers' dogs

Meet Cairo.
A Saluki (cross?)
Note the characteristic feathering of the ears.

and the characteristic "I can see a cat, but i am too lazy to catch it, instead have it lightly grilled and brought to my bedchamber" look.


  1. I have chosen a hound! I am not clever enough to be able to send pictures to your website, but could email you one to the shop Miss P if you are interested. My boy was 4 on Sunday is black and white (almost dalmation like in his spots from a profile view. His racing name was Arello but he is known as Arry, and he is definitely a handsome chap! Although he cannot move in until 29th May I have been shopping for soft fluffly beds, toys, treats & shiny bowls that sit into a stand. I am soooooo excited.

  2. Congratulations, please email in a photograph, i have lost the username and password for the flickr group, so until i find it.......

    A fluffy bed is all very well, but we do prefer your bed.

  3. Cairo you are so handsome....I am surprised the Hound has allowed your photograph to appear. perhaps his human had something to do with it!!!! xxx

  4. Cairo says- yes I am very handsom I agree and totally modest too!
    I'm sure the hound and I would be great friends if we ever met- we could lounge on sofas and complement each other on our looks for hours- then have a snooze...
    But as for lazy!! I will have the hound know I did once catch a cat and catching a cat is not all it is made out to be- you run up to the infernal felines - and say "tag you're it!" and when you turn round to tell your human "Look mum I tagged it!" the things start hissing and scratching at you. So it's not that I am lazy - I am just now too wise to be bothered chasing cats.
    But I would very much like to thank the hound for allowing me on his blog, I would like to thank my human for teaching me to type, my parents for my good looks and long legs, Winalot for their excellent Duck and Rabbit in jelly...

    Okay Cairo it's not the oscars- blimey you teach a dog to type and they are off! Sorry Hound he gets a bit full of himself - MrsPx