Friday, April 9, 2010

Readers' dogs Part 2

Meet Watson, as spoilt as I am, photographed as much as I am, just much smaller.


  1. Hound, you should speak immediately with your owner as I feel Watson is being treated in a much more indulgent manner than your good self xxx

  2. Thank you hound for posting me on your blog. Mummy helps me read your posts, but she was reluctant to let me read the whole of "How to get whatever you want"....cannot understand why! However, owners I think underestimate their dogs and she didn't realise she left the page up, so I have gained some more tips without her really knowing...thank you. By the way big tip from me which I am sure you already know is the welcome on return to the home where you give them the big dopey eyed look, fall to one side gracefully and do the roly poly for tummy is a sure fire cute look they always fall for.